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The Secrets of Business Success | 19 October 2010

Staff at Qube Global Software have taken part in two days of filming for a forthcoming video in association with the Daily Telegraph Business Club.

The film focuses on the longevity of relationships with customers and staff alike.  These relationships have helped Qube Global Software stand out in an ever-changing, fast-moving business arena. The film also mentions the quality-assured, ISO 9000 accreditation and ability to deliver – never promising a service that can’t be delivered.  Customer service and satisfaction is key – never completing an implementation until the customer is satisfied that it works.

There have been challenges of course – not least maintaining the development of leading-edge business software applications for over 30 years in a continually changing technological environment that meet the changing business requirements of its customers. It has faced these challenges with a combination of investment and innovation – the continuous development programme both reacts to and attempts to pre-guess the continual technological advancements that shape the business world.

Qube Global Software’s CEO, John Cuppello said. “We are delighted that the achievements of the company have been recognised.  We have led the industry right from the start but featuring in this video is a significant acknowledgment, not only of our expertise in the field but also of our place in the wider business community.”

Filming involved a large proportion of the staff across the two UK locations.  Many staff were interviewed and asked why the business has remained so successful over the years. The film is due for release in November and will show how the company has achieved its considerable success through creativity, innovation and customer partnerships.

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