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Slaying The Estates and Facilities Management Dragon at St Georges | 22 August 2007

St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, one of the largest hospitals in London and the major acute hospital for South West London, has awarded a major contract for estates and facilities management to software solutions provider, FDS.

Comprising of three major sites – St George’s Hospital, Bolingbroke Hospital and the Atkinson Morley – and employing over 5,000 staff, the Trust was in need of an estate and facilities management solution that would enable it to centralise its site services departments whilst streamlining its existing business processes.

With countless minor tasks occurring every day in the Trust – from blocked sinks to broken light bulbs – and an estate spread over three locations, a solution was needed that could address the problem but with speed at its core.

FDS won the contract for its Planet solution in the face of tremendous competition. Over 100 systems were evaluated by the Trust in conjunction with its partner, WHB Associates.

Shane King, Principle Engineer, Estates and Facilities Department, is clear that significant changes were needed within the Trust. Prior to the installation of Plant M there was no effective system for managing calls internally within the Trust for reporting maintenance or service problems.

He states: “I liked the logical progression in the way it handles the work and its ease of use,”

The most noticeable improvement to date followed the installation of the Planet Help Desk module. Today the Trust enjoys one central point for all internal requests to the facilities and site services department. Users now call one number and log their requests. And because the help desk is linked to the Trust’s Intranet, many calls are logged via email and tracked using the Web.

The impact has been noticeable especially on productivity and now only two full time operators handle in excess of 200 maintenance calls a day.

Planet has also been integrated with Zycomm Radios which has meant that every task is now allocated automatically by Planet via the radio and once a job is completed all the engineer has to do is just ‘push a button’ to send a message back into the Planet system to close the job.

Over 60% of the Supervisor’s time ha already been saved and the Trust is already reporting substantial savings due to reductions in paperwork.

For more complicated and reactive maintenance tasks Symbol hand held units are used whereby the engineer is allocated the jobs for the day via the device. Once completed the tasks are once again downloaded into Planet to provide a detailed reporting tool for management.

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