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A stroll in the park, or one giant leap? | 17 April 2013

On Saturday 11th May 2013, when most people will either be tucked up in bed or just about to hit the night clubs, 7 members of staff from Qube Global Software and 2 of their partners will be embarking on a 26.2 mile walk around London.

Starting at Battersea Power Station just before midnight, the team will be heading off towards Hammersmith, Hyde Park, Westminster and the City of London before snaking their way back towards Battersea.


It’s MoonWalk 2013 time!

The team (Jo Heaton, Andy Heaton, Sarah Arbon, Amanda Hewes, Karen Mair, Jacqui Adams, Sophie Burrow, Paul McCarthy and Gill McCarthy) will power walk in their most decorative bras in an attempt to raise money and awareness for breast cancer charity Walk the Walk. For large donations we’ll even upload pictures of them in their bras after the event!

Qube Global Software is proud to say that they helped in this worthwhile endeavour by auctioning off some computers and donating the money to the Team’s fundraising page.

We wish them all the best come the 11th of May and hope they are not subjected to the extremes of weather they have faced when training in the last couple of months.

Originally written by Ian Bennett

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