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White Paper for FM Managers on Surviving the Economic Downturn | 4 February 2009

The Planet division of Qube Global Software has launched the first in a series of free White Papers to help Facilities Managers survive the economic downturn. The first of these examines cost savings that can be made through Facilities Management.

In recent months we have had a torrent of bad news. People are reeling from never-ending reports of financial and economic disasters. Forecasts for the future are pessimistic. Businesses of all types and sizes are tightening their belts and preparing to weather a very difficult period.

In any economic crisis, there are organisations which survive and even thrive. One way they do this is by taking proactive steps to increase efficiency and cut costs.

Facilities Management (FM) can play a key role in achieving these goals.

FM has never been considered a glamorous ‘sexy’ profession (unlike investment banking, financial trading, financial management…. but perhaps we won’t pursue that topic any further!). But the reality is that Facilities Managers have much more power to affect the profitability and even the survival of their organisation than most of them realise.

Richard Fisher, Divisional Director of Planet comments “The information and suggestions in the White Paper have been distilled from our extensive experience in helping organisations across all market sectors streamline and improve their facilities management activities and thus save money.”

Facilities Management presents many opportunities for cost savings. This White Paper focuses on some of the key areas where effective action can result in reduced expenditure.

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