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Increase portfolio transparency, efficiency and value with award-winning property owner software

Protecting our customer investments through advanced technology for 40 years

Manage all your global real estate assets in one flexible system, from residential to commercial and retail

Information is at the core of any good investment decision.

Property owners expect their real estate technology to cut through the complexity of data, delivering clear information and giving confidence to decision-making.

For those wanting to maximise performance through active portfolio management, Qube offers the surest route to success.

Whether you manage a commercial, residential, retail or mixed-use portfolio, our property owner software will ensure you generate the most money while increasing its overall value.

  • Access portfolio information anywhere with a cloud delivered, mobile-enabled platform.
  • Automate collection of income and efficient management of debt.
  • Increase ROI with one consistent set of data across the business.
  • Make better decisions with information presented to the right people at the right time.
  • Gain maximum efficiency with business process workflows.
  • Improve relationships with clients and deliver additional services through customer portals.
  • Achieve transparency and control over every type and size of real estate portfolio.
“ Integrating Qube’s solution was virtually seamless. That was impressive. It came together really, really quickly. The project planning – the way we implemented in collaboration with Qube – was a great success. ” Neil Harker | Senior Business Analyst - Grainger

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Gain a single personalised view of properties,
priorities and performance.


Assess the urgency of tasks and prioritise them
to ensure you never miss a date.


Proactively manage your real estate portfolio
and analyse business information.

SaaS Access your property portfolio anytime, anywhere.
Streamline Quickly access the information you need to streamline decision-making and processes.
Mobile Access our systems via mobile and tablets and take advantage of our suite of apps.
Business Intelligence Business Intelligence on every screen to optimise performance.

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