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Qube Engage: Elevate your customer service and generate additional revenue with our resident portal

The market’s proven resident engagement and concierge portal

Satisfy the increasing demands of your customers now and in the future

The world is changing and so are expectations of the growing number of people who rent.

In this connected age, residents demand higher levels of service than ever before. And if you are a residential property manager, you need to seek out new opportunities for revenue generation as your margins get squeezed.

The Qube Engage portal enables you to improve occupancy rates and increase operating income, while delivering better services to residents.

Whether you are an investor in the build-to-rent/multifamily sector, a management company, estate agent, housing association or developer, our proven resident portal will help you create more than just a home for your residents.

  • Improve occupancy rates and increase operating income
  • Create additional revenue streams from advertising opportunities for a cost-neutral investment
  • Use our concierge portal to offer a seamless service for bookings, parcel management and key management
  • Empower communication between landlord and resident
  • Provide extensive reporting options
  • Improve tenant sign-up and payment processes
  • Combine seamlessly with the best property marketing, leasing and management functionality for an end-to-end build-to-rent/multi-family solution
  • Delivered quickly and at a lower cost than an in-house solution
  • Tailor the portal to your brand
  • Gain a low-risk entry into the Build-to-Rent market

Resident Portal

Welcome to Qube Engage; the
latest in resident portal technology
that enables you to provide greater
efficiencies and a higher level of service

Generate Revenue

Create additional revenue from
advertising opportunities

Exceptional Customer Service

Residents book services directly through
the portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

SaaS 24/7 access to your system
Business Intelligence Business Intelligence on every screen
Flexible A highly adaptable system that easily flexes as you change
Mobile Access our systems via mobile and tablets and take advantage of our suite of apps

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