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Manage your complete asset lifecycle with Qube Horizon Facilities Management

Horizon’s facilities management solution is designed to help you manage your complete asset lifecycle and to achieve your key business objects, such as:

  • Extending the life of your assets and so reducing asset replacement costs
  • Enhancing your customer service through structured control of activities
  • Improving your operational efficiency through smarter resource utilisation
  • Mitigating risks by ensuring compliance with regulatory controls
  • Providing clearer business intelligence for improved decision making

With the Horizon FM solution you can ensure that reactive activities are resolved satisfactorily, that preventative activities occur on time and are not duplicated and that your asset inspections ensure that conditions assessments are recorded, acted upon and budgeted for.

The integrated mobile application allows field service engineers to create and update their work activities via smartphone or tablet for real time data updates.

Key Features

Key features of Horizon facilities management include:

  • Comprehensive asset register
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules for both regulatory and best practice purposes
  • Inspection reviews and asset condition assessments
  • Reactive maintenance with telephone, email and portal helpdesk functions
  • Visual property activity plans
  • Service level performance tracking
  • Asbestos registers
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Q&A checklists to aid efficiency
  • Long term asset plans and budgetary costs
  • Mobile enabled
  • Portal service for contractors and external parties

Benefits of Horizon Facilities Management

Planned and preventative maintenance

Within Horizon, planned and preventative maintenance cycles are controlled through a series of scheduled procedures. Each procedure identifies the necessary tasks and provides a simple workflow to aid in their completion.

Preventative maintenance also allows survey results to be reflected against the assets within the database. It enables any required maintenance work to be recorded and scheduled.

Each scheduled task can be automatically generated into the maintenance plan for the upcoming year.

Central help desk

Horizon’s central help desk caters for all reactive maintenance requirements. When a call comes into the facilities team the details are logged and a unique ticket is created. This ticket can then be assigned to any internal or external party.

As part of the logging process, user-defined workflows are automatically initiated to aid in the resolution of calls. This ensures that requisite information is recorded to assist engineers.

Once a call is accepted by the help desk it can be routed for resolution. A job or work order will be raised for any internal staff or external contractor to attend the site. The system will record appropriate service level timers; this ensures compliance and enables performance reporting.

Calls can be received in a number of ways: through the central help desk, logged remotely through our portal (allowing occupants to log calls relating to their properties) or logged through our inbound email solution.

Work orders

After a work order is raised it can then be scheduled. Horizon offers an interactive calendar view; this allows the user to align work from all the planned, preventative or reactive sources. It also gives a complete overview of your ongoing maintenance profile.

Once created, you can track the status of the job against a budget and overall project commitment. As a result, you can reschedule tasks and identify their effect on the available budget an associated cash flow.

Asset register

A full asset register is available in Horizon. It details the location, condition, warranty/insurance and health and safety data of the asset. Assets can be grouped together into systems, ensuring compliance with individual asset maintenance lifecycles.


Our facilities management mobile app allows field service activities such as inspections, asset repairs and equipment services to be managed by smart phone or tablet – with or without a network connection.

The facility management functionality extends to self-service portals that can be used by tenants, customers and internal employees to log and manage reactive maintenance requests. For contractors a portal is also provided that allows the management of the jobs that are assigned for their activity.

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