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Gain tight control of your real estate income and expenditure with Qube PM property accounting software

Our property accounting software solution incorporates accounting, ledgers and financial tools to help you consolidate your finances. Benefits include:

  • Streamlined procedures
  • Improved business decisions
  • Time and cost savings

With property accounting software from Qube PM you will gain tight control of your real estate income and expenditure.

Whatever your property portfolio looks like, our accounting solution can help deliver a significant ROI.

Property accounting software functionality

Our property accounting solution consists of a number of key functions, including General Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger and Development Cost Management.

General Ledger

The Qube PM General Ledger is designed to be fully integrated with the other Qube PM modules providing seamless consolidation of all movements, transactions and journals produced by the Property Management System, Purchase or Sales Ledgers.

The multi-company General Ledger allows you to group companies together for consolidated property accounting reporting and handles inter-company transfers with ease. Flexible reporting options enable you to produce user-defined statements, Trial Balance, P&L, Balance Sheets, etc. Key features include:

  • Optional multi-currency
  • Comprehensive analysis via user-defined analysis codes
  • User-defined posting templates for different journal types
  • Multi-period postings within batches
  • Bank reconciliation – manual or automatically from electronic statements
  • Automated Year-End processing
  • Budgets, revised budgets and actuals for any number of years
  • VAT processing with VAT return information available for a company or consolidated for a group

Purchase Ledger, Invoice Registration and Order Processing

The Qube PM Purchase Ledger records comprehensive details of suppliers, amounts that are due to them and dates when payments are due. It provides all the essential elements to enable you to keep tight control of property expenditure.

The Purchase Ledger element of our property accounting solution provides:

  • User-defined templates for fast, accurate input of invoices
  • Posting of invoices, credit notes and refunds
  • Payments with full settlement history
  • Production of cheques/BACS files with remittance advices
  • Day books, creditor listings and invoice analysis

Additional functionality may be incorporated utilising the optional Invoice Registration and Order Processing Modules, which fit seamlessly within the Purchase Ledger

Qube PM Invoice Registration is highly recommended for organisations that receive invoices and circulate them, sometimes off-site, for authorisation and approval. By registering the invoices as soon as they arrive, even without all the details to hand, you will be able to control and streamline your procedures and answer invoice queries efficiently. There is no need to circulate paper invoices and approval can be made electronically.

With the Document Manager it is possible to attach a scanned image of the original invoice to the item in the Invoice Register to aid staff in approving and authorising the items. Once approved, invoices may be posted to the Purchase Ledger in seconds.

Qube PM Order Processing produces a supplier’s order form which acts as their authority to carry out specified work and subsequently raise an invoice. When linked with the Property Management system, this module enables you to compare budgets with ordered, committed and actual expenditure. Linked with the Workflow module, this permits tight control of authorisation of orders, handling the internal processes if limits are met, etc.

Sales Ledger (Non Property)

Another key function within our property accounting software is the Qube PM Sales Ledger. This is designed to handle non property-related invoicing; typically for professional services or supplies. It produces invoices and credit notes, settles receipts and enables you to closely control and analyse any debtors. Full links exist to the General Ledger.

Development Cost Management

The Qube PM Development Cost Management module provides the ability to manage complex projects from conception to completion. Initial project appraisal ensures you make safe, informed decisions based on intelligent data. Then you can keep track of the project through every stage by retrieving actual expenditure (or income) and building it into your cash flow, making allowances for any under or overspend.

Key features include:

  • The intuitive Project Creation Wizard to help you set up tasks with their forecasts and dependencies Automatic calculation of fees, interest, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, etc.
  • Cash flow and forecast details can be saved as “snapshots” to compare different stages of the Project
  • Project tasks can be combined to form contracts: you can then monitor the tendering process
  • Flexible reports and graphs enable you to monitor the project and report to external partners

Download our brochure to find out more about functionality within our property accounting software solution.

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