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Make significant time efficiencies with the Qube PM Tenant Portal

In this connected age, residents demand higher levels of service than ever before. The Qube PM Tenant and Leaseholder Portal is designed to help you satisfy the increasing demands of your customers both now and in the future.

A significant time saving tool for property investors and property management customers, the Tenant Portal is ideal for both commercial and residential portfolios.

Offering customers a self-service facility, the Portal enables leaseholders and tenants to access their account details online, including their balance, payment history and service charge statements.

Seamlessly linking in real-time with the Qube PM system, you can guarantee one source of the truth for both employees and customers.

The Tenant Portal is also designed to be completely customisable, so you can tailor it to match your corporate branding.

Benefits to your customers

  • 24 hour self-service brings greater convenience and an additional method of payment
  • Instant access to live account information, including service charge statements
  • Ability to check the progress of outstanding maintenance work

Benefits to your business

  • To your business, 24 hour self-service means that you can deploy staff more efficiently
  • By making payment options easier, you increase the chances of being paid on time and in full
  • Empowering your customers will improve your reputation for customer service – improving prospects for future business
  • There is complete integration with your property management and accounting data – with no need to invest in expensive bespoke solutions

Portal features

  • Ability for tenants to view balance information
  • Payment transaction history with the ability to filter by a date range
  • A ‘Notice Board’ containing information pertaining to the property / block / estate, which is derived directly from the Qube PM system
  • The Portal provides the ability for a tenant to securely full or part pay their outstanding charges online
  • The ability to raise property maintenance requests that are fed directly into the Qube PM Maintenance Management Module
  • Tenants can view documents that are held within the Qube Document Manager at various levels such as owner, property, unit and tenant. The folders that are to be made viewable via the Portal are specified within the Qube PM software providing a fine degree of control on what can be accessed
  • The Tenant Portal uses industry recognised security methods to safeguard access to the system. Online payments are also made in a secure environment by providing the ability to redirect payments to the online payment provider website
  • The appearance of the Tenant Portal is customisable, so it can be your company’s branding that the customer sees. Building on the ability to brand the Portal, further customisation can be achieved as the look of nearly all of the Portal display elements can be modified
  • The Portal can be extended by Qube PM to increase its capabilities such as providing further functionality like additional data views, reports, and data update abilities in order to support a multitude of client specific requirements

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