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Empower your staff with anytime, anywhere access to Qube SLM

Estate agents are currently being challenged by a new wave of consumers that want to communicate on their own terms. Rather than a traditional phone call, customers expect to speak to your business when they want, how they want, and on a device of their choice. And your staff? Well, they expect to be able to respond accordingly.

Using Qube SLM, you can provide your staff with 24/7 access to the database on their smartphone or tablet, empowering them to communicate with customers in a way that suits them.

Key benefits of accessing Qube SLM via smart phone

Book and amend appointments
Allow your agents to access, add and amend viewing appointments on the move wherever they are. If they take a call from a potential tenant or buyer looking to schedule or reschedule a viewing while they are out and about, they can instantly make the necessary updates on the system even though they are away from their desk.

Never miss an appointment
Staff can sync appointments made through Qube SLM with their smartphones to appear in their personalised diaries. As a result, they don’t need to be at their desk to receive the necessary reminders to ensure they never miss a viewing or meeting.

Ensure your database is updated at all times
Updates can be made to the system whenever and wherever the job takes them, with your central system updated in real time. For example, your agents can adjust the price of a property via their phones, which is instantly reflected in Qube SLM and external portals.

Benefit from system updates instantaneously
Because Qube SLM is browser based, all system updates occur centrally. As a result, when your staff access the solution using their phones, they will be automatically be using the most up-to-date version of the system.

Want to learn more about using Qube SLM on your tablet or smartphone? Get in touch and speak to one of our experienced team today.

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