For sales and lettings agents, being able to effectively market and manage your properties is paramount. To do so in an increasingly competitive environment however requires systems to not only be robust, but flexible – something that is difficult for a stand-alone system to achieve.

In recognition of this, we are working with other Proptech and service companies to combine solutions – creating an industry-wide ecosystem that customers can link as required.

Through partnering with the best Proptech and service companies in the industry, we are able to prove a one-stop shop for all your sales, lettings and management needs.

From marketing tools to referencing and tenancy applications, our fully integrated add-ons are designed to bolster Qube SLM’s functionality. Easy navigation between solutions provides you with a seamless user experience; so there is no need to log out of one system and into another, and data can be sent between platforms instantaneously.

Download our information sheet to find out more about each of these integrations and learn about the benefits they can bring to your organisation