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Qube Space refining the way you move

A nationally known insurance brokerage firm identified the need for an innovative technology platform to manage space and plan moves. The existing system had limited flexibility, and they needed to quickly manage a rapidly expanding portfolio. Efficient use of space, reducing occupancy costs and business unit awareness were key drivers in the need for change. In 2012, a workplace strategist reviewed potential applications for a tight year-end deadline. With repositioning required, the process and deadlines seemed unattainable. No one internally could justify the anticipated growth expectations. Existing office occupiers didn’t want to lose their space, yet there was no up to date system to confirm or deny usage of empty space. Working within an existing desk numbering system, management was skeptical whether accounting would be able to accurately follow the move.

Qube Space* was asked to review the business’ concerns and challenges. Via discovery calls and meetings, the brokerage firm provided the technology experts with CAD renderings and critical design elements for identification. On-site demonstrations utilized actual real time data to show how the system would manage and improve response time to space inquires, repositioning requirements and utilization.

Implementation successful, to budget and on-time

Confident the business would receive full technological support throughout implementation, Qube Space was selected for immediate use. The system exceeded all expectations for improved results. The software was fully capable to account for future growth, redundancies of staff, space efficiency planning and departmental groupings. And with continued support, the business implements cost control procedures to manage ever changing sustainability issues.

Looking forward as space utilization changes

Qube Space has been in place for nearly two (2) years, with enhanced functionality for future space reallocations already in place. Qube Space works directly with the support teams to better understand pending changes in advance of implementation.

The learning curve between new technology and existing systems has allowed for improved dynamics, enhanced functionality and true business intelligent metrics.

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