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Qube Space used as value-add service for commercial real estate firm

A nationally recognized commercial real estate service firm was in the market for value-add solutions to offer to their existing customer base. The firm recognized Qube Global Software and its space management solutions as the best alternative to providing information to their clients in order to generate additional business revenue.

Value add for existing customers

Businesses are challenged to be more efficient in use of current space. The need to consider consolidation or to add collaborative work space to existing floor plans becomes a necessity.

The business had recently acquired a strategic consulting and systems integration firm to grow their existing client platform. As they reviewed revenue stream potential, they realized that although space management issues remained an obstacle, justifying change was a challenge. Wanting to offer more than the basic solutions that handled leases and transactions, they began using archived data pulled from prior occupancy reports to search for useful trend analysis.

The firm was already intrigued with Qube Space as they had been using it to better manage occupancy. Could this technology work internally, offering information to prospects in order to gain enhanced business insight? Without a doubt, the answer was yes.

Looking forward

At this time, the firm continues to use Qube Space software applications differently than most. They run current space analysis of every work project as it happens, when it happens. “In the long run, it’s been a tremendous time saver as contracts advance,” states a lead broker on space and move management contracts. The solution allows for general area square footage and breakdowns to be gathered, stored, and exported into Excel for easy analysis. In addition, they have completed numerous studies for other clients struggling with similar challenges in change management; subsequently, they realized a great need for this type of value-add service in the future.

Space usage studies are currently being completed for an energy company and a publishing house, along with an elevator installation business and the corporate headquarters of a nationally recognized clothing manufacturer.

The brokerage firm anticipates multiple opportunities using the space management solution. “Heat maps are, and can be, very telling. The client loved the look of them because they share a real good story,” stated a Director of the firm. “And at this point, our competitors don’t have a similar tool, so we’re ahead of the curve.”

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