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Studies on the benefits of Qube Space

Unable to effectively manage expansion, Qube Space simplifies the process for effective move management.

A software development firm headquartered in Boston found itself rapidly expanding. Keeping track of where people sat and where they were going to move was an obvious challenge.  Spreadsheets and PowerPoint documents couldn’t keep up with the rapid changes: the company also didn’t have an existing CAD application for tracking the constant churn.

Qube Space was recommended to Human Resources by a facility manager that had used the space solution tool at a company with a similar situation.  It turned out that a CAD application wasn’t essential in the initial implementation of Qube Space. Qube Space offered to test the module with existing drawings and a select group of employees, exemplifying the ease of moving people with the ‘drag and drop’ interface. Working within the security hierarchy which allowed for different levels of users to see or change select components, the firm was impressed with the software’s usability. Understanding they could purchase with a subscription, the issue of budgetary constraints disappeared.
Implementation took under a month, and the company was able to quickly manage space more effectively. After initial install, there was little need to manipulate drawings on a daily basis.

Qube Space proved to be user friendly, accessible from a web browser, and required minimal training when manipulating space. The executive team could quickly reposition people and desks, whereby additional users could implement key features like the ‘People Finder’ module for easy tracking.

Needing cutting edge technology to better understand and control office utilization costs, Qube Space provided the tools for rapid implementation and cost saving move management.

An internationally known, independent asset management firm had a problem with their existing space. Based in New York City, they were subject to the constant cost per square foot increase that the location demanded.
Management was relying on an antiquated and complicated space management system that wasn’t giving them real time information to control office utilization costs. A considerable amount had already been invested, but users of the existing system remained unable to access practical data. The business looked to Qube Space for immediate assistance.

The firm utilized existing floor plans, cross referencing these with full time employees, to trial the functionality of the system. For internal data feeds, it was possible to seamlessly convert current drawings and data from their previous system. The company arduously tested both the user friendly interface data engines and methodologies of the software.  The qualities of Qube Space were soon apparent to both the day to day end user, and department heads concerned about cost effectiveness.
Management quickly approved the implementation. The business opted for a self-hosted system rather than a SaaS solution, as required internal security measures were high.  After staff training was completed, the business internally managed the system, with the benefit of an optional support system.

The client remains optimistic with every change they encounter. Whether the cost per square foot increases, or employee attrition or churn presents them with challenges, they will reap the financial benefits afforded them via the utilization of Qube Space.

In the midst of a difficult renovation, Qube Space is deployed to track and manage the floor to floor changes of people and assets.

A leading financial services group in New York City was in immediate need of an improved space planning system. With renovations underway, Human Resources came forward, stating control over the situation was dire: tracking people and assets was a gargantuan task, nearly impossible to manage on spread sheets. The firms’ sister office in London was already utilizing Qube Space, and highly recommended the software to its business associates.

After testing the system, the New York branch decided to implement Qube Space to obtain an immediate grasp on prior moves.  The solution was chosen for a number of reasons: the software was cost effective to implement; the effort to convert existing data was nominal; and the user was up and running with limited training.

Qube Space allowed for all department heads to have an improved understanding of true space utilization. A clear view of where team members sat versus what was vacant or out of commission allowed for improved ‘right-sizing’.  Subsequently, there was an additional series of restructuring moves pending over the upcoming months. Throughout the process, all moveable assets were inventoried, including IT assets, furniture and artwork.

Every item was captured using hand held scanners and bar code labeling, then recorded and archived for future usage. By using existing scenario tools in the ‘move module’, the company successfully implemented a total building move, on time and to budget. The business now upholds a full understanding of where different departments sit, how team dynamics work, and where cost savings can be made.

*Qube Space is powered by Accordant 9.5

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