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The Crown Estate on Qube Horizon Property Management Software

Customer testimonial from David Spratt of The Crown Estate talking about the benefits of Qube Horizon property management software. The Crown Estate is a unique organization.

The Crown Estate is a unique organization. The job is layed down by parliament. It has a very diverse portfolio offices and shops in London and farms and forestry throughout the UK, as well as residential property and half the foreshore of the United Kingdom and the whole of the sea bed.

I am the Senior Business Analyst, so what I have to do is look at the business processes that we have and try and make sure that we can provision some tools that will help the business transact, and keep an eye on the future and make sure that we’ve got systems, mainly IT systems, but it could be just working smarter, ready for when they ask for it.

The Crown Estate have had a long association with Qube Global Software and the forerunners of the Qube Global Software for the Horizon product. They originally commissioned a bespoke solution some 20 years ago and we’ve taken iterations of that product currently into the Horizon form we have and now we are planning the next implementation.

We look for a system that is very adaptable for all the various transactions we have to do. So, it has to be able to behave for an agricultural setting, it has to do all of the maintenance, and all of the rental flows in fish farms, or mines, or wind farms, so we need something that has many facets and can be used at a distance because we have a ring of managing agents throughout the UK.

What we like about the software is that we can bend it slightly to what we want to do or within a standard product, so we can answer what the business really wants.

Horizon for us sits within the rest of the business systems. We have a separate accounting system, we have separate GIS and mapping systems – Horizon is one finger in that whole glove.

We are currently rolling out the very latest version of Horizon and we are taking a completely standard product – we don’t bespoke things anyone. We are also implementing the Planet product, starting with our Windsor operation, where they need a product that will help the estate management function.

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