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Gain total control of your whole portfolio with lease administration software

Generate the data-driven information you need to make optimal use of the real estate you occupy

A single lease management system, providing an easily accessible resource for all your lease information and documentation

At the most basic level, a lease manager should properly understand every lease commitment throughout the portfolio.

However, the role now has many more complexities including accurately reporting of the new FASB regulations. You need to be able to advise on the impact of current and future leases under these new rules.

Easily consolidating all of your portfolio information into a single system is likely to be one of your core objectives. Having your lease management system integrated with your real estate, facilities and other corporate systems would drastically improve efficiencies and communication.

A multi-currency, and multi-lingual solution, it is designed to manage global lease portfolios in one easy to use platform.

  • Keep track of key dates and notifications, including start and end dates, break clauses, rent reviews, rent free periods and indexations.
  • Manage rent and other property payments by integrating with your corporate ERP system.
  • Capture the correct lease data with step-by-step lease upload wizards to guide users through entering a new lease agreement.
  • Ensure complete financial control by gaining a comprehensive insight into all cost-driven information.
  • Identify where you can improve your business performance and drive further efficiencies.
  • Improve business processes to drive reduction in time from initial concept to actual building use.
  • Reduce staff time wasted producing manual reports and answering simple queries.
  • Achieve hard savings by avoiding unclaimed tenant improvement allowances, missed deposit returns and unnecessary rent payments.
  • Manage sub-lets and the sharing of any CAM charges.
  • Ensure compliance and manage the bottom line impact of the new lease accounting standards, both nationally and internationally.
  • Collaborate effectively with service providers on all lease data and documentation.
“ With the implementation of Qube, we rely on our historical and current data to encourage improved decision-making ” Kevin Dollhopf | VP of Worldwide Real Estate - Hanesbrands


Configure your software for a single,
personalized view of properties,
priorities and performance.


Proactively manage your real estate
portfolio and analyze business information.


Asses the urgency of tasks and
prioritize them to ensure you
never miss a date.

SaaS Native web-developed SaaS solution accessed easily using just a browser.
Security We hold the ISO 27001:2013 security certification for our Qube Horizon SaaS product.
Business Intelligence Business Intelligence on every screen to optimize performance.
Automate Streamline and automate your lease management and FM processes.

Key functionality and benefits

The solution enables you to:

  • Stay ahead of tasks with prompts and real-time email reminders.
  • Increase stakeholder engagement by providing easy access to lease information and documents.
  • Save time and money with faster processing of lease related expenses.
  • Gain business insights with reports for every aspect of the leased portfolio.
  • Graphically sum up portfolio performance with lease intelligence.
  • Manage a diverse portfolio, whether domestic or international, in a single system.
  • Take active control of all lease activity with our fully integrated transaction management solution.
  • Comply with recent lease accounting legislation.

How will it help me run my business?

Our lease administration solution is ideally suited to assist both lease managers and corporate real estate departments.

Lease managers

As a lease manager looking to streamline working processes, our software enables you to:

  • Focus on higher value activity.
  • Access a single source for all lease-related data, reports and documents.
  • Streamline working processes.
  • Improve decision-making with more accurate and detailed information.
  • Provide effective reporting that best reflects the needs of your operation.


By improving lease management transparency, you can strengthen working relationships with:

  • Senior real estate executives.
  • Business unit leaders.
  • Service providers and support groups, as well as legal, finance and risk management.

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