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Commercial real estate sector embracing mobile | 1 February 2013

Mobile use in the commercial real estate sector has seen a ‘global explosion’ according to a new study by inMotion Real Estate Media.

Reported by inmotionrealestate.com, mobile usage in commercial real estate grew by 61 per cent between 2011 and 2012 and accounts for nine per cent of all website visits for commercial real estate firms – an impressive 225 per cent increase year-on-year.

As a result, a number of professionals in the commercial property sector are seeing the platform as a ‘powerful online sales and marketing tool’.

With an increasing number of people spending more and more time on smart phones and tablets, it makes sense for real estate firms to market their properties to the mobile generation as well as through traditional channels.

According to a survey of 1,100 US smartphone users, an ‘above average figure’ claimed that mobile friendly sites make them more likely to buy into a company’s service as well as ensure they return to the site on a later date, adds prleap.com.

In addition, the rise of the tablet us also forecast to be a substantial part of the commercial real estate sector. This makes ‘perfect sense’ as commercial property professionals often spend a considerable amount of time in the field.

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