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Horizon releases the second generation of Vision its integrated Business Intelligence solution | 22 November 2012

The Horizon team is delighted to announce the second generation of the popular Vision Business Intelligence solution.

Integrated as a module of Horizon and accessed seamlessly, Vision allows you to visualise and interrogate Horizon data and importantly, non-Horizon data, through a graphical dashboard that is simplicity itself to use. Vision delivers the capability for you to analyse trends, compare performance against targets, track milestones, review benchmarks and slice data by any metric you may choose; for example area, time, region or business unit.

Vision includes fantastic real time interrogation capabilities that go directly to the source information or through to your reports or further dashboards. With Vision, if a KPI is shown to be missed you can determine why; understanding the cause of a problem is just as important as knowing it exists.

When using Horizon’s enhanced Business Intelligence capabilities there is no need to export and therefore to duplicate data in an external knowledge management system that has its own licencing, configuration and application support costs. Nor is there a requirement to duplicate security structures and privileges; it is all delivered within a single solution. Any information a user may require is accessible with accuracy, in real time and in one place using Horizon’s great user interface.

Making decisions based on knowledge is fundamental in today’s competitive environment and Horizon delivers this through its Vision solution. The availability of Vision and the recent enhancements made to the product cement Horizon as the most technologically advanced property management solution in today’s marketplace.

Originally written by Claire Hodgson

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