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Qube Global Software offers the key to unlock information and a treasure chest of prizes at CoreNet Dallas Conference

West Chester, PA, May 12, 2009 – Nearly 1600 Real Estate professionals, along with 5 executives from Qube Global Software, attended the CoreNet Spring Symposium in Dallas, Texas.

Prior to the conference, Qube’s marketing team initiated a campaign to entice attendees to visit their booth during the 2 day conference. The concept focused on the theme of rewarding your business by unlocking knowledge. Real estate and facilities managers were able to see business intelligence models at work, highlighting examples of the real estate life cycle, ways to reduce occupancy costs and improve operations. “The interactive dashboards that Qube designs allows decision makers to make good decisions in real time,” quotes Vice President of Business Development Matthew Sheldrick.

Attendees received a miniature key that might unlock Qube’s treasure chest of prizes. If they brought the key to the booth, they were asked to attempt to open the pad lock…and if successful, reach into the treasure chest and draw out a gift card, ranging from $10 at Starbucks, to $25 at Barnes and Noble, to $50 in free gasoline. Nearly 150 guests visited the booth for information…but almost 50 of them walked away with a gift card.

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