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Qube Global Software praised in Wall Street Journal | Sept 20, 2013

In a recently published article in the world renowned Wall Street Journal, Qube Global Software was praised when referencing the capabilities of technology when it comes to easing the burden of workplace design and employee move management.

Rachel Feintzeig reached out to Qube Global Software when composing the story entitled “How software can help solve the office-layout puzzle.”  Matthew Sheldrick, Vice President of Business Development, fielded a number of industry specific questions, sharing his expertise and diverse knowledge of the key subject matter as it relates to space management technology for a business-centric office space.  Additional industry experts were also interviewed, each speaking highly of how technology can help to best manage and better utilize existing space, including both the employee and the asset occupied square footage of an office floorplan.

With a growing demand for desk sharing (also known as hoteling or hot desking) for part-time and contracted workers, move management and scheduling solutions have become vital to the workplace.  Office and HR Managers can easily identify shared and/or assigned workspace in a single system, easy to deploy and simple to manage…anytime, anywhere.

“Space management is here to stay, regardless of who maintains which corner office, who shares a work station, or who works virtually and comes into an office on select dates and times.  With powerful tools like Qube Space Management powered by Accordant 9.5, the process of managing, reallocating or recharging space occupancies or vacancies is clearly visible through detailed business intelligent modules.

For more information on how Qube Space Manager can assist you in finding a better solution to managing your existing space, please contact Matthew Sheldrick at msheldrick@qubeglobal.com.

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