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Qube Global Software published in Site Selection | July 16, 2012

Reporter John McCurry of Site Selection, the Industrial Asset Management Council’s (IAMC) magazine, interviewed top technology advisors for its current issue. Prompted by their Editor in Chief following conversations after the Spring IAMC Conference in Austin, TX, the article highlights industry trends, including improved analysis, cloud computing and smarter buildings.  Qube Global Software’s Vice President of Business Development, Matthew Sheldrick, was queried on future developments in the real estate technology field.

“From a systems point of view, we are seeing a much greater push toward data analysis,” stated Sheldrick.  “The ability to do more analytical work will develop over the next year to 18 months.  Most of it has to be custom-based.  We are starting to see more standardized tools in terms of data reporting.”

Edward Lubieniecki, Managing Director of Consultancy for RealFoundations, ‘agreed that mobility is a hot topic, but the genre has yet to be clearly defined,’ (excerpt taken from the July 2012 Site Selection magazine).   He mentions that technology providers are scrambling with different levels of success to catch up with the demand, and that within the next few years, every product will likely be available on a tablet.

With this kind of product development, technology providers are being driven by a combination of both customer demand and outside forces like industry regulations.  “We are doing a lot more work with platform independence, trying to standardize tools and make it easier to bring in data from our applications,” quotes Sheldrick.  “There is a lot more focus on being able to pull in benchmark information.  There are good sources of external data for corporations to compare how their individual portfolios are performing against the industry in general.  Functional additions are always important:  being able to continually expand the strategic planning side of what we do is an important part of our drive forward.”

Visit pages 64, 65 and 68 of this month’s Site Selection for the full article: http://mydigimag.rrd.com/publication/?i=116881

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