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Qube Global Software shares the XO at CoreNet | September 26, 2010

Qube Global Software would like to thank everyone at the Phoenix CoreNet Global Summit who participated in our mission to enhance the lives of children in remote environments. In an effort to donate 10 XO laptops, Qube Global Software gathered valuable data from industry experts; in turn Qube ‘paid it forward’ in the form of a check for $1592, proudly signed by CEO John Cuppello.

CoreNet attendees shared their insights in exchange for a donation made in their name to One Laptop per Child. The non-profit organization develops a low-cost laptop on a big mission to revolutionize education worldwide. The world’s poorest children are given a chance at a better education via the powerful XO laptop, powered by software tools and content designed for collaborative, self-empowered learning.

Because of the valued effort of CoreNet members, a check was written in the amount of $1,592 by our CEO, John Cuppello, for eight laptops to the organization One Laptop per Child.

“As a trend setting technology company, we believe that all children deserve an opportunity to learn,” states CEO Cuppello. “By providing the proper tools to these up and coming generations of future leaders, they just might have a better understanding of how to improve their world. The fact that Qube Global Software was able to make a small contribution to such a worthwhile program is both humbling and rewarding.”

About Qube Global Software

Qube Global Software provides a comprehensive portfolio of Real Estate and Facilities Management software applications. Our 25+ year history of expertise in delivering successful solutions 100% of the time to nearly 1000 customers in 52 countries is unrivalled. Our innovative software solutions improve our customer’s efficiency levels, decision making capabilities, and financial performance for every type of commercial real estate portfolio.

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