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Qube Space comes to life at NFMT | March 16, 2015

The topic of space management remains front and center with facility managers from around the globe.  This year’s NFMT) National Facilities Management and Technology) conference was no exception. Utilizing a visually appealing to scale model of an existing floor plate that the software manages, Qube Global Software and CAD Management, LLC spoke with 100’s of trade show attendees. Comprised solely of LEGO building bricks, the model represents and demonstrates how an office can improve utilization by over 20%.  The model enables the attendees to get a bird’s eye view of how much space is often sitting vacant due to day to day movement in an office environment.

Qube Space illustrated using the software via CAD mobile utilization surveys.  The information garnered from multiple surveys is uploaded to create visually appealing heat maps. The teams hope that this novel approach to space utilization will make a lasting impression on attendees, and that businesses will come to understand the value of having surveys completed on site.

The three (3) day conference included more than 120 educational sessions, categorized within 14 specific learning tracks. The event, once again, proved to be a success for both attendees and exhibitors.  It is centrally located on the east coast,  competitively priced, and boasts high quality educational programming covering facilities management issues, maintenance and operational accountability, and on site purchasing benefits.  Example sessions included topics such as: business analytics for the C-Suite; technology platforms; work place health and safety best practices; and studies on the diversification of the facilities management industry.

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